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Refrigeration and freezer model B

Refrigeration and freezer unit model B, with dry goods storage and scullery.

Freeze- and refrigerationrooms are each 5 m2, with doubble isolated walls, and contain solid industrial shelving for product display. There is room for wheeled cages to the right of the door, so that a full cage can be wheeled straight into each room. 

In the middle of the unit there are 10 m2 which serves as access to and from the unit, scullery and dry goods storage with three solid industrial selving units. 

The scullery consists of a stainless steel table constructed at an angle, with a deep sink and a mixer tap with hot and cold water and pressure hose. 

Each room has its own evaporator, which is controlled centrally at the front. The cooling element is located on the front panel. 

Refrigeration and freezer unit model B is perfect for connecting wiht one or more of our mobile kitchens, in order to create the perfect solution to your situation. Read more about our modular solutions here. 


Area: 20,1 m2, in this refrigeration and freezer rooms of each 5 m2

Dimensions: 9 m x 2,5 m

Power consumption: 400 v. / 32 amp.

Layout and specification

2.20m industrial shelving in washable material in each room

Space for wheeled cages

Door opening of 1 metre

Freezer room of 5m2

Refrigeration room of 5m2

Steel workbench with sink

30 litres hot-water tank 

Additional 400v/16A power outlet in dry goods storage