Mobil køkken DMobile kitchen model D
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Mobile kitchen model D

Mobile kitchen model D is a lightweight unit that comes with numerous options for connecting it to dishwashing units and additional kitchens. This makes it ideal for those situations that call for large-scale production.

The washing up area is located at the end of the unit, which frees up more floor space. There is a large chill/freeze capacity, with 670 litres of cupboard space and two ovens, each with a 7 connector and a wash programme.

Mobile kitchen model D is nice and bright with windows in three out of four doors and easy access to and from the unit. There is a utility room at the back of the unit with electrical panels, space for gas bottles and a hot water tank.

A production tent can be added (9 x 3-6-12m) with solid flooring, tables, a sink with hot/cold water and a drain.



Area: 20.1m2 

Dimensions: 9m x 2.5m

Capacity: 650 covers 

Power consumption: 63 amp

Gas cooker: 11/17 kgs gasbottle


  • Refrigeration cabinet (570 l) with backsplash and 4 doors
  • Work surface (1.8m) with a sink and low shelf
  • 6 shelves (1m each) over the refrigeration cabinet and work surface
  • Hygiene station with built-in knee-operated sensor to activate water, soap dispenser and paper towels.
  • Rinsing/draining table for hood-type dishwasher with pre-rinsing dishwasher hose 
  • Electrolux EHT8IG hood-type dishwasher with isolated hood and a detergent dosing system 
  • Draining table (1.6m) with low shelf  
  • Shelving rack with 8 trays 
  • 2 x stacked Electrolux AOS combi ovens (6x1/1GN-B-el.) with cleaning programme  
  • 80cm generic table with low shelf 
  • Electrolux tilting bratt pan (60 l) with Duomat surface
  • 40cm generic table with low shelf
  • Electrolux gas range with 4 burners (4x5.5kw)
  • 40cm generic table with low shelf