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Mobile kitchens

Even the most seasoned chef will be a bit worried about moving into a kitchen with limited space. But it won't last long.

The possibilities are endless

Discover a complete concept that links kitchen units, tents and existing buildings together.

Compact pantry on wheels

Need food storage on a large scale? No problem.

Compact pantry on wheels

Food storage can be tricky when a temporary solution is required.

Or rather, it was tricky. Now there’s no need for an either/or situation when it comes to finding space for chilled, frozen or dry goods.

Refrigeration and freezer units are a ‘have-it-all’ solution that have good accessibility, are well-functioning and are easy to clean so that they can pass food safety regulations.

Model B is also equipped with a scullery, which works well as an addition to another kitcken. 

It is possible for you to connect multiple units from Dansk Mobil Køkken in order to create the perfect kitchen to fit your exact needs. Read more about our modular solutions here. 

Read more about our different mobile fridge/freezer units in the menu to the left of the page. 

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