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Comfortable workflows

Everything is at your fingertips, and nothing’s been compromised. Not one single thing.

Mobile kitchens

Even the most seasoned chef will be a bit worried about moving into a kitchen with limited space. But it won't last long.

The possibilities are endless

Discover a complete concept that links kitchen units, tents and existing buildings together.

Compact pantry on wheels

Need food storage on a large scale? No problem.

The possibilities are endless

We know. It’s difficult to imagine how a complete mobile kitchen solution serving hundreds of people is even possible on a bit of open ground.

But that’s what we do.

We have developed a complete concept by linking units, tents and existing buildings that can stay on site for short or longer periods – and throughout the cold winter months.

Kitchen, chill, freeze and storage are put together in one unit with tent solutions complete with washable, non-slip flooring.

We can even integrate a mobile dishwashing unit.

Ole Lange

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