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What is a mobile kitchen - and why would I need one?

A mobile kitchen is a commercial kitchen on wheels. This means that you can continue to run your business and your staff canteen even though you have had to close your original kitchen for some reason.

Our mobile kitchens are also suitable for bigger events or insurance cases, where a commercial and professional kitchen is required. 

You can rent a kitchen for as long as you need: 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months - it's up to you.


... But will there be enough space?

Yes, there is enough space. Our mobile kitchens are designed in cooperation with chefs and kitchen equipment manufacturers which ensures solutions that provides a good kitchen workflow over longer periods of time.

You might come from a kitchen which is 50 square metres, and now you'll have to work with 9 x 2,5 metres, yet this is like comparing apples and pears, you can't. Everything is stripped back to the bare necessities, whilst still remaining highly functional. You will soon be familiar with the new workflow.   


Can I combine multiple mobile kitchens?

Yes, our mobile kitchens can be easily combined with our dishwater-, fridge/freezer- and storage units in any combination of your choosing. In this way two mobile kitchens can be joined together and doubled in size, furthermore a dishwashing unit and/or a freeze unit can be added, and by doing so we can create a kitchen for you and suitable for your exact needs. 

Read more about our possible combinations here.


Do the mobile kitchens comply with food safety regulations?

A mobile kitchen from Dansk Mobil Køkken is built with washable and easy to clean walls and steel tables. 

All of our customers have passed food safety regulations while using our mobile kitchens - furthermore they were praised for choosing a mobile solution, a solution which enabled them to continue working in a room with no workmen or building work taking place. 

We've never encountered any problems with food safety authorities. 


What is the standard of your mobile kitchens?

Our mobile kitchens have very high standards. All units are bright and welcoming, with at least two exits. The interrior is characterised by high quality, comfortable workflows and feature-rich functionality - right down to the very last detail. 

The walls are slick, white and washable. The equipment is modern and brand new upon first rental. All work surfaces are stainless steel - and so are the wallplates behind them. Cleaning becomes easy with a wash-down hose with both hot and cold water.

The units are also equipped with powder extinguishers, fire blankets, first-aid kits and eyewash.


Do your mobile kitchens have everything I need?

All our units are delivered without loose parts, so it is possible for you to use your own pots, pans, dishes, trays and other loose kitchen items. You can also rent catering equipment - read more about your possibilities here.


How much power, water and wastewater does a mobile kitchen use and produce?

A mobile kitchen unit consumes 63 amp 400 volts with a red CEE socket. The water connection is a ¾ inch PEL hose or Nito coupling. The wastewater has a 110 mm PVC hose connection. Pumping stations can be connected with waste disposal units. More information here.


All units use gas cookers, what does that mean for me?

All kitchen units have gas cookers, which ensures an efficiency for your cooking needs. Gas cookers are not at all difficult to work with. The gas installation comply with current rules and regulations, and they are inspected and examined regularly.

If you do not have any agreements with a local gas supplier, Dansk Mobil Køkken can be of service in this regard. 


How big is the mobile kitchen?

Most of our models are what we call 9-metre-units. The workplace measurements are: width 2,40m/length 8,40m/height 2,20m. All work surfaces and equipment are 70 cm in depth.


Can I move the equipment around - and can I add more?

All our units are fitted with high quality equipment in advance. Let us know if you have any special requirements, or something we need to take into account. Anything is possible. 


I have some specific requirements - can you still build me a mobile kitchen?

Yes, this might as well be possible. Tell us what you need, and we'll see if we can find a solution for you. 


When will my mobile kitchen arrive - and how long does it take to install?

We arrive at your site the day before the first day of rental. It takes us about an hour to install your kitchen, including connections. 


What do I need to do and prepare before installation?

The only thing you need to do is to ensure a free transport route, with a flat even ground at the installation site. 

Power-, water- and wastewater-agreements need to be in place, when we arrive. We'll take care of the rest.


How much do your kitchens cost - and can I get a discount?

The rental price for a kitchen depends on the rental period. The longer you rent a kitchen for, the lower the daily price. You can always expect a realistic quote, so that we can find the right price. Get a quote here. 


Are there other companies that rent out mobile kitchens?

Yes, a few. Yet those that we know of offer container solutions. Dansk Mobil Køkken are the first company to offer this kind of kitchen solution, which also allows for a larger solution made up of multiple units build together.  


For how long do I commit myself?

You commit yourself to the period we agreed upon in your contract. You can extend the contract on an ongoing basis, in order to get the right rental period to meet your needs. 

No discount is given for early returns on rentals. 


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