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The dishwashing unit

The quick and effective little helper for large amounts of washing up

Dishwashing unit A is fitted with two door type dishwashers and one undercounter dishwasher. The door type dishwashers are placed in each their end of the unit, in order to ensure a well-functioning and efficient workflow. The unit has the capacity to handle 180 baskets – or 3,600 sparkly clean plates and glasses per hour. 

Dishwashing unit A is nice and bright with windows in three out of four doors, offering easy access. All the surfaces are made from lightweight, washable materials. The hot and cold water hose makes cleaning easy.

The unit’s underside is prepared for hot/cold and wastewater use in advance, so it can be linked to tents straight away. It can also be linked to out mobile kitchen units, suiting your exact needs. Read more about our modular solutions here. 


Area: 16m2 

Dimensions: 7.3m x 2.5m

Capacity: 3,600 items per hour 

Power consumption: 63 amp

Layout and specifications

2 dishwashing areas

3 shelving racks for 9 baskets

Clean dish table (1.4m) with lower shelf

Hygiene station with inbuilt knee-operated sensor to activate water, soap dispenser and paper towels.

Short rinsing table with spray, tap and two handles

Electrolux EHT8IG hood-type dishwasher with isolated hood and a detergent dosing system

Draining table (1.2m)

Dirty dish table with waste drain

Draining table (1.6m) with tap and two handles

Electrolux EHTG8IG hood-type dishwasher with detergent dosing system

Draining table (1.2m)

Low draining table: Electrolux WT4 undercounter dishwasher with detergent dosing system