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Dishwashing unit model B

Two door type dishwashers and one conveyor type dishwasher - all in one unit!

This unit is the first mobile dishwashing unit on the market with a conveyor type dishwasher. 

Mobile dishwashing unit B is equipped with two door type dishwashers and one conveyor type dishwasher, which ensures that all kind of dishwash can be taken care of. The conveyor type dishwasher is placed in one end of the unit, while the door type dishwashers are displaced to each their side in the opposite end of the unit. This guarantees a well-functioning and flexible workplace.  

Dishwashing unit B is bright and welcoming with windows in three out of four dooes, and easy access to the unit. All surfaces are in a washable and light material, and a pressure hose with hot and cold water which ensures an easy cleaning.  

Under the unit preparations are made for hot and cold water, and drain/waste water, this means that the unit can be used to deliver water, or work as a drain for external sinks, for example in a linked tent.

The mobile dishwashing unit can be used alone, but it also works perfectly connected to a tent solution or as a module in a bigger solution, for example with our kitchen units. Read more about our modular solution here. 


Area: 20,1 m2 

Dimensions: 9 m x 2,5 m

Capacity door type dishwasher: 80 baskets/hour

Capacity conveyor type dishwasher: 15 washes/hour

Power consumption: 63 amps

Layout and specifications

Three dishwashing areas

Shelves for dishwashing trays

Hygiene station with built-in knee activated sensor for water, soap dispenser and paper towels

Electrolux conveyor type dishwasher EPPWESG, frontally operated, 900 mm

Rinsing wash table (1,4 m), with pre-shower for the conveyor type dishwasher

2 x Electrolux door type dishwashers, EHT8TIL with automatic lift

2 x insertion tables with rinse, and 2 handle pre-shower (1,2 m)

2 x drying racks (1,2 m)

Clean dish table (1,1 m) with lower shelf

All machines are with automatic soap dosagesystem.